Easy 3 Bean Salad Recipe

In protest to the fact that Autumn is drawing near, this week I’m sharing my favorite summer recipe. It’s a simple, few ingredient salad that’s perfect for cookouts, labor-day parties, or really any occasion. Not to mention, it’s vegan/vegetarian friendly, and involves zero cooking! It’s also fairly filling on it’s own (due to the beans)Continue reading “Easy 3 Bean Salad Recipe”

Maple Vanilla Oat Milk

With more and more people ditching diary and reaching for plant-based milk, oat milk seems to have gained quite a lot of traction. This isn’t surprising, as it’s such a great alternative. What is surprising to me, is the fact that so many people are spending around 3-6 dollars per carton at the grocery storeContinue reading “Maple Vanilla Oat Milk”

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