Alanna O’Keefe

Dietetics & Ecogastronomy Undergraduate

Increasing awareness about nutrition & sustainable food systems- one post at a time.

Hi, there! Welcome to Nutritious by Nature, a blog I’ve created in hopes of sharing useful information, recipes, ideas, and even some of my personal opinions regarding my biggest passion- nutrition!

I’m currently studying Dietetics and Ecogastronomy at the University of New Hampshire, with aspirations of becoming a Registered Dietitian. As somebody who spends a great deal of time- in class, and outside of class- researching the best ways to fuel & nourish our bodies, the amount of questionable nutrition advice I encounter online is incredibly worrying. In today’s era of technology and social media, instead of seeking advice from professionals, people seem more likely to seek nutrition advice from unreliable influencers that offer misleading, incorrect, or even harmful information. On the flip side, a lot of factual, evidence-based advice comes from sources that might relay the information in a heavily scientific manner, which can be difficult to mentally digest and often leaves readers with more questions than answers.

To put it plainly, a lot of nutrition advice can be downright confusing– and sometimes, even frustrating.

I believe that properly nourishing your body is something that can be extremely empowering- it shouldn’t be stressful, difficult, or headache-inducing.

That is exactly why I’ve created Nutritious by Nature. I aim to share research-based nutrition information in a way that debunks myths, and dispels misleading advice. By striving to spread informative, yet understandable information about such a complicated, ever-changing field, I hope to supply readers with the tools they need in order to make changes towards a healthier diet, and overall lifestyle.

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